Do you ship everywhere?

Yes, we ship to over 200 countries. We have partnered with Global-e allowing us to ship NOEIZO orders to destinations around the world from our international website. This allows you to buy NOEIZO product(s) in your local currency and at a price that includes any applicable sales taxes (such as VAT), plus international delivery costs and fees and, if available for pre-payment, any import duties, tariffs and similar fees that may be imposed by the delivery destination country.  Our customers are citizens of the world and travel frequently.

You are a European brand, can I pay in my local currency and not in Euro?

Of course,  throughout the process on our e-store you will see the products in your local currency as well as when you check out and perform the payment.  No exchange rates surprises.

What about taxes and duties?

Throughout the checkout process if there are additional taxes and duties, you will know exactly what and how much they are.  In any case we can guarantee that there will not be any unpleasant surprise of additional costs when you get our products in your country.

Can I return the product?

We are very confident you will be extremely satisfied with our NOEIZO products,  but if from any reason you are not, you can return to us free of charge, 14 days after delivery to you.  Please write to us about your wish to service@noeizo.com and we will take care.  If you are outside of the EU, the shipping costs will be your responsibility.


Do you have a retail presence?

We are proud to be predominantly an online retailer.  We like to keep the supply chain slim as possible and therefore allow excellent value for our customers.  Wherever you are, we will ship the products to your doorstep.


You mention materials as your brand strategy, what does that mean

In NOEIZO, we strongly believe its all about details and details relate to the materials.  Our founders scanned the globe for more than 1 year to look and touch and feel every material in our products.  Every material we use is premium grade on its own, and when combined into the products deliver timeless value for our NOEIZO customers.

What is NOEIZO system?

Our products work perfectly individually.  Thus we designed them from scratch to work even better as system.   Organisation is key to smooth travel.  Fast track is key to avoid unnecessary hassle.  Our premium Alcantara travel cases are designed to store everything you need for your business travel in an elegant way.  Designated storage pockets in our bags will free your mind from thinking where to store the cases.  We also partnered with Chipolo to provide unique NOEIZO Bluetooth tracking to every NOEIZO product.  Looking at the complexity of a business travel, we believe that by offering a system solution we will contribute to a much simpler travel experience.