Travel is Life.

Travel is Life.
Based in Brussels, Belgium, NOEIZO is a team of global travelers, constantly on the move, citizens of the world. Saar and Goni Goder, NOEIZO founders, have been global business travellers for the last 25 years. Passionate about organisation, luggage, backpacks and more, Saar and Goni were on the mission to achieve perfection and innovation in travel products. NOEIZO was born out of that passion, aspiring to be the brand of choice for the modern high-paced traveler.

    Your journey doesn’t start at the airport or the train platform or in the back of a taxi. It starts when you begin planning and packing, and the ingenious design of NOEIZO’s collection makes sure all the pieces fit together. By designing spaces for each and every organisational need, we’re creating seamless accessibility and maneuverability. Integrate your luggage >>> elevate your traveling experience.

    Ever settle on a nice-looking bag that forces you to rummage through it to find what you need, or a bag that fits your items decently but looks less than professional? You deserve the triad of design, quality, and functionality, all at a reasonable price and that will serve you for years. At NOEIZO, we never compromise on design OR aesthetics – it’s the best of both worlds for the high-paced traveller making his or her way around our world.
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    Our early development process included months of seeking out the best quality materials; they had to be unique, sensual, and quality-wise, second to none. We ventured worldwide to find these elements, which we continue to source from Italy, Sweden, Korea and Japan. Think of it this way – each new NOEIZO offering is already an experienced traveller! And now, each piece is ready to add comfort, functionality and style to your travels.
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