Based in Brussels, Belgium, NOEIZO is a team of global travelers, constantly on the move, citizens of the world. Saar Goder, NOEIZO co-founder, has been a global business traveller for the last 25 years. Passionate about travel products, backpacks, luggage etc, Saar has been searching throughout the years for perfection in this industry. Noeizo was born out of that passion, with the aspiration to be the brand of choice for the modern high-paced traveller.
  • "We believe that NOEIZO’s elevated, integrated travel system is changing the way travellers prepare for and take business trips. By designing spaces for each need and every moment experienced on a work journey we are answering a need that has not been met in this industry".
  • "Our mission is to complete the triangle of design, quality and functionality to a level of perfection. We approach travel as an adventure, where the primary goal is making it enjoyable, memorable, and exciting so you are always thinking about your next trip"
  • a global team

    To create the NOEIZO brand and premium collection we have teamed with the best in product design, engineering, production, material suppliers and marketing professionals globally. Delivering value without compromise has been our ultimate goal.
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