The New Normal
Mar 14, 2020

The New Normal

Things are far from being "business as usual", and it is at these times that people and businesses find creative solutions to engage, create, work and inspire.  

How to best adjust to the New Normal?

Creativity and Community. 

Stay creative and positive: think on what you should do differently today and tomorrow. This is the new normal and adjustment is key. 

- This is the era of direct and communication and engagement. Challenge yourself and your workplace to see how you can optimise existing technology to directly engage with your community - customers, employees, other significant shareholders

- Openly discuss and acknowledge the situation and what can be done. Lead with transparency 

- Be creative in answering the question "what to do" ? there are numerous examples: restaurants opening delivery services, digital courses, treadmills to hire and so much more. What is your core expertise and how can you develop new channels to deliver it ?

On a personal note, do whatever you need that allows you to stay strong physically and mentally. Stay closely connect to your community. Share, discuss, stay positive. 

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This will pass - but where will you stand when it does ?