Thank you 2019 ✨
Dec 26, 2019

Thank you 2019 ✨

2019 was the year we launched NOEIZO. It all started one day in 2017 when Saar passed by a soldier in Charles de Gaulle airports with his bag and cases all attached together serving every purpose imaginable in every situation. Saar's first thought was why as a business traveler, where his days are packed and dynamic, can't he find the rights tools for the job. The goal was set: to create practical, stylish and timeless items for business travellers at a reasonable price level. 

He called me, and from that moment we started our amazing journey, working with extremely talented designers, engineers, textile producers, tanneries, innovative thinkers, factory workers, digital experts, marketing specialists and logistics experts. We've gone from Lyon, Milan and Paris to villages in Sweden, Korea and China to find the world's best materials and talents.

The end of one journey - creating our first collection and launching it - was also the beginning of another one, driving awareness to our brand and to our amazing products. 

We love receiving your feedback, so happy to receive new members to the NOEIZO family every day. Thank you for your support, for your honest feedback, and for helping us spread the word. 

We wish you Happy Holidays, and cannot wait to share with you what we have planned for 2020. 

Saar & Goni