NOEIZO featured in SUITCASE Magazine
Apr 15, 2019

NOEIZO featured in SUITCASE Magazine

How to become a professional traveller ? 

We've teamed up with SUITCASE Magazine to show you how you can enjoy the best of both worlds: successful business trip keeping you sharp and focused, and enjoying some play time in the most exquisite destinations. 

"Just because “business” is listed as the reason for entry on your arrival card, it doesn’t mean you can’t get in a little downtime while you’re in town. “Bleisure” is very much a thing, and something that savvy travellers are getting on board with for 2019.

Ask any fast-paced globetrotter and they’ll tell you that a smooth trip begins and ends with your luggage. That’s why we’ve teamed up with premium travel specialists NOEIZO to help you pack smart – be it via their chic backpack or sophisticated carry-on – and then plan smart.

With the spotlight on Paris, Milan and Hong Kong as three of our most-visited business destinations, we’ve curated both your packing and planning so you can go from conference to cocktails in style."

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