From Business Travel to Working From Home
Mar 20, 2020

From Business Travel to Working From Home

As heavy travellers ourselves, how are we handling with the current situation ?

We love travelling the world, engaging and creating. These days we must stay home to make sure our community and loved ones are safe.

There are three things that we are doing in the meanwhile:
1- Ensuring that our team is safe and that our community is safe: for instance, that our entire supply chain is following regulations and that we can safely deliver to our customer (we can 🙏)
2 - Challenging ourselves : what value is our community of global professionals looking for ? which time of content is relevant ?
3 - Thinking of the next day. We believe that certain trends that were already forming are being fast-tracked now. Not just how we work but also how and what we buy.

Technology and essence will go hand in hand. NOEIZO has so much to offer in that space and we will continue to communicate that

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